Who We are

The New Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church was founded September 10, 1993.  The vision of the New Generation church is to become A Church and Christian Education Facility for the Coastal Empire.  One of the most serious problems confronting the Church is the lack of trained clergy and staff.  This is the manifestation of a vision to serve the Coastal Empire with an institution that will train men and women for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ.

The College/Seminary is Accredited by Accrediting Commission International and awards Associates, Bachelors and Graduate degrees.  All degree seeking students will be assigned an advisor and receive help in meeting educational needs.

The Institute of Biblical Studies is in actuality above the level of typical Sunday school training, yet below the level of college expectations.  Suitable curriculum (the overall plan) and curriculum materials (what is actually used in the classroom) will be differentiated. There will be denominational institute curriculum, Eclectic materials which will be obtained from bookstores and modified to fit our needs, and the development of our own well-rounded curriculum to meet the biblical, theological, and practical needs of adults.

Our Mission

New Generation exists to prepare persons for responsible living, service, and ministry, in both church and society.  As a community devoted to Christian commitment and excellence in learning, New Generation accomplishes its mission through Biblical Training and graduate theological education.

The mission of New Generation Institute and Seminary is to educate persons for ministry in the Christian church, and to provide theological education founded upon the call of God and upheld by God’s Grace.  This understanding of the institute and seminary’s mission gives her humility before the task of theological education and elicits thanksgiving for the students, faculty, and staff who share life together in this enterprise.  The institute and seminary seeks to be faithful to the Bible, the articles and tenants of the faith and our Christian Heritage.  The institute and seminary envisions our mission in service to the larger Church of Jesus Christ, with particular concern and respect for denominational diversity.

New Generation pursues her mission through General Bible Diploma’s, Biblical Studies Degrees, Bachelor and Graduate degree programs.  The focal point of education at the New Generation Institute and Seminary is one that pastoral leadership is deemed vital for the Church to fulfill her mission in this day and age.  The curriculum reflects a balanced approach to ministry, including the traditional emphases on the Bible, theology, church history, and ministerial functions.  Christian values are cultivated throughout as well as a solid grasp of the realities of the modern world in which ministry takes place.  Programs allow individual students to prepare for a wide diversity of ministries.  Seminary programs are open to all qualified persons.

New Generation Institute and Seminary also aims to be a theological resource for the Church, being engaged in the full range of the Church’s life and activities.  By such engagement, the Seminary seeks to clarify the Church’s theology and task in today's world.  Faculty members serve at every level of the judicatories to which they belong, preach, conduct worships, advise pulpit committees, contribute to church and scholarly publications, and represent both the Seminary and the Church to its various constituencies.

Theological education involves the growth of the whole person.  More than to transfer knowledge or certain professional skills, New Generation seeks to shape both Christian character and spiritual awareness and to enable persons to share the experiences of others.